We would like to formally introduce ourselves to you. Our company Gamma Wholesale Drugs Limited is a B.C based business which provides wholesale distribution services. We provide logistics and order fulfillment to retail drugstores.

Gamma Wholesale Drugs Limited specializes in the distribution of prescription and non-prescription medications. We are committed to our customers to ensure complete satisfaction of their needs. We strive to provide every customer with innovation and to support their daily needs.

We are licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals in all provinces within Canada. We do not currently sell pharmaceutical products outside of Canada and we have no intentions to sell any pharmaceuticals outside of Canada in the future. We also do not knowingly sell pharmaceuticals to any outlet that will be exporting products from Canada.

With a committed and experienced management staff, our vision is to expand our services in Canada to include hospitals and other retail associates. We have an ongoing commitment to be the most innovative wholesale distribution company in Canada. Toward this end, we do everything possible to ensure our customerís needs are satisfied. We have the professionalism, commitment to excellence and drive to achieve our goals through innovation.

Gamma Wholesale conducts its banking with the Royal Bank of Canada. For credit references, your contact at the Royal Bank is Ms. Zelda Clifford at RBC Capital Markets and her number is 604-257-7661. We are requesting that your company set up an account with Gamma Wholesale as soon as possible so that we can fulfill the needs of our retail customers.


The following emergency contact numbers are to be used in the event that our vendor partners need to relay information regarding any merchandise related emergencies.

Please be advised that should the designated contact for your product category not be available, you are requested to attempt to reach any of these contacts until you have made voice to voice contact about your emergency.

Please keep in mind that these contact numbers are for emergency purposes and are not to be used for general communications or shared outside the intent in which they are provided.

Thank-you for your assistance and cooperation.

Department Pharmacy

Jim Rama
Phone: (604) 868-4154
Email: jrama@gammawholesale.com

Janice Fisher
Phone: (604) 272-7552
Email: jfisher@gammawholesale.com

Distribution Services Centre

7:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday
Reception: (604) 272-7434

All other times Sunday to Friday
Night Line: (604) 272-7190

Friday midnight to Saturday 10:00 pm, when DSC is closed or if no answer on other lines.
Brian Best: (604) 317-9355


Robert Bagatella: (604) 219-5484

Information Technology

Nick Curalli: (604) 868-4165
Greg Martin: (778) 385-8057
Hayden Chow: (604) 809-3906